Hartsdale Fire Joins in on "The Fun in the Sun" at Highview Elementary School
By Deputy Chief Frank Musorrafiti
June 2, 2023

Hartsdale Firefighters joined in on the festivities at the annual year-end “Fun in the Sun” event at Greenburgh’s Highview Elementary School.

Together with approximately 260 students, Highview staff, and local volunteers, Hartsdale Firefighters cooled off the excitement by having groups of students operate, flow, and advance actual hoselines toward a simulated fire!

Participants had fun opening and closing hose nozzles, directing water streams toward a wooded fire prop, and extinguishing flames from a propane fire simulator.

We would like to thank the Highview Staff, Students, and PTA Members for inviting us to this very special event, we all had a great time…Thanks!