By Deputy Chief Chip Nanko
September 8, 2021

Babysitters Course

In September 2021, the Hartsdale Fire District will once again offer its annual Babysitters Course. Over the past 49 years, 1,381 babysitters have graduated from this course. The 7 night course will take place on Tuesday and Thursday nights commencing on September 21st and ending on October 12th. Please click on the application link and fill out the form. Completed applications can be submitted online or printed and dropped off at the Firehouse 300 West Hartsdale Avenue. 

When you hire a babysitter who has been trained by the Hartsdale Fire District, you can be confident knowing that they have completed hours of specialized training in how to care for your child and deal with emergency situations.  As a public service, a list of the current babysitters is available to you and can be picked up by stopping at Fire Headquarters at 300 West Hartsdale Ave.