Technical Rescue Drill
By Member Alan Zale
June 1, 2019

Through hard work and research, the Hartsdale Fire Department was recently able to purchase new equipment and train its members in new rescue techniques, without additional cost to local taxpayers.

A $149,000 New York State/Department of Homeland Security Search and Urban Rescue Grant enabled the department to host a Technical Rescue Drill, at the former Elmwood Country Club in Greenburgh, NY on May 22nd and 23rd.

Members of Squad 36, a technical rescue squad made up of members of the Hartsdale, Greenville, Fairview and Scarsdale Fire Departments, along with the Greenburgh Police Department participated in the training exercise that allowed 110 members of the various departments to improve their search and rescue skills, in a controlled situation, using the newest equipment and techniques.

During the two-day drill, members rotated through three different emergency scenarios. In one scenario, first responders learned how to stabilize a building after it had been hit by a car, so that they could free a worker trapped at his desk.

The second scenario was a wood shoring station where participants learned how stabilize a damaged or collapsed building.

The final scenario taught members how to conduct a search and rescue in a void environment in a collapsed structure. This would involve members learning how to build a tunnel to reach a trapped victim.

The grant, which was awarded to all four local fire departments, was prepared by HFD Deputy Chief Tim Mentrasti and overseen by HFD Chief Ed Rush.

In addition to the grant money, Brookfield Scrap in Elmsford, NY donated the vehicle used for the drill. Photos by Alan Zale

Units: Drill- Car 2174, Rescue 56, Utility-156. Sq 15, SSU 15.