Natural Gas Calls - a balance between ensuring safety while minimizing damage
January 21, 2018

On Sunday, January 21st Hartsdale Fire was dispatched for a resident reporting an odor of gas in an apartment of 100 E Hartsdale Ave. Hartsdale units responded and investigated the odor. Members utilized advanced gas meters to determine the origin of the natural gas odor. Members received low readings of natural gas in the area of the stove in the caller’s apartment. The gas to the stove was quickly isolated and the apartment was ventilated. Continuous metering determined the readings were not dropping as should be expected.

Members were already checking lower apartments and adjacent apartments to ensure the gas was not emanating from another source. Firefighters metered around the door frames of several apartments on the floor below the initial call. Gas meter readings began to rise around one particular apartment. Members attempted to make contact with the occupant but received no answer. Due to the pinpointed elevated reading the door was forced open. Firefighters immediately located a burner that had been left cracked open on the stove causing a small gas leak. The burner was turned off and the apartment was ventilated. Con Edison arrived on location and further checked the gas piping.

Our advanced gas meters allow us to pinpoint leaks while also minimizing damage to unaffected apartments. The doorframe was repaired prior to the firefighters leaving the scene and the apartment was resecured. While natural gas contains an odorant to alert people of a leak, the human nose is quickly desensitized to the smell when remaining in its presence. Meters do not become desensitized and allow us to determine what environments are and are not safe for residents to occupy. If you smell gas call 9-1-1 before notifying anyone else.